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Undertaking a new challenge, leaving your country and your home can generate emotions and thoughts that you never imagined.

Have you ever felt this way?

Do you try hard to show you are fine, but deep inside you have doubts or fear of having made a bad decision?

Do you feel bad or guilty for thinking you are missing significant events because of distance? 

Are you worried that your children will lose their roots? Or that they won’t be able to adapt or be included in their new school?

Do you feel that you are not quite comfortable in your new home but you are not at ease in your home country either?

All these situations can be overwhelming and I am here to help you building a new way of life in your new place…

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About me...

Hello! I am Veronica, I am a  psychologist and here I am to help you build your sense of belonging, break down limitations and believe in yourself to develop and feel happy in your new home.

In recent years, encouraged by isolation, quarantine and the pandemic, I started working online, which gave me the opportunity to work with patients who, due to different situations, have had to migrate to other countries. Some people in search of a better future, with better job, educational or personal opportunities; others seeking to get away from insecurity or violence, sometimes by choice and others fleeing out of fear or necessity.

In the therapeutic processes of many of the people I have accompanied, I found that with the decision to leave, they not only change their country; the change implies a new life abroad, it entails adapting to multiple situations in order to achieve a new sense of belonging. With the move, a new stage opens, in a new culture, with different life habits, schedules, foods, smells, languages, idioms, and ways of relating to which one must be able to integrate. On the other hand, it mobilizes emotions, such as sadness, fear, loneliness, nostalgia that are part of the necessary grief of adaptation.

I believe, from my own personal journey and from what I live day to day with my patients, that the therapy space is a space for two; it works if we do it together.

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